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Work with me privately to get the solo small business coaching and mentoring you need...

If you want to learn what really works for marketing a solo small business, AND need help, guidance and coaching along the way, my do-it-with-help coaching and mentoring programs are the perfect fit for you.

My coaching and mentoring programs are great for the solo small business owner who has a growing business and is looking to reach that next level of success. They're also perfect for solos who want someone to "come along beside them" as they execute marketing strategies for their business and ensure they never get stuck.

If you don't have the budget for my Done-For-You Marketing Services and therefore want to do things yourself, but also have coaching and support along the way...that's what Do-It-With-Help is all about!

I've helped thousands of solo small business owners all around the world attract more clients on a consistent basis. My do-it-with-help coaching and mentoring programs will help you grow your business and income, attract more clients consistently and make marketing easy and successful for you.

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Jeanna should be teaching all other marketing people what to do! Yes, she is that good! I have generated $18,000 from just the first two months of working with you. If my math is correct, that’s something like a 260% return on my investment! I am a huge Jeanna Pool fan. What you do for marketing gets results!

“If you’re looking for a steady stream of patients and clients, that continues to build over time, look no further than Jeanna Pool. Jeanna should be teaching all other marketing people what to do! Yes, she is that good!

Wow Jeanna, I cannot say thank you enough!!! I know we have only been working together for two months, but your program and the results I’m getting are building very quickly. I have already gotten eight fantastic referrals from your program. When I say fantastic, I mean the right kinds of people who really need and want help and are qualified to pay cash for the services my practice offers.

I’m very happy to report that I and signed up three of them for $6,000 each! That means I have generated $18,000 from just the first two months of working with you! If my math is correct, that’s something like a 260% return on my investment! Oh, I forgot to mention of those eight, I have another three consultations set up for next week. So I know that I will close even more.

Jeanna, here’s just one more great success from all the work you are doing for my marketing. I just signed up another client directly from YouTube and all of the great video marketing you are doing for me! Listen to this great story of this new patient: She and her husband recently moved to an area about a 50-minute drive from Stuart. She has been suffering with thyroid issues that her doctors could not figure out. So, she said she was looking on YouTube for thyroid tips and help. She typed in the words Florida thyroid and all of my videos came up! She said I was the only doctor she found in her searches in the area. And she also said the videos really spoke to what she was struggling with and it helped her get to know me and how I could help her. I know, I know, you told me that would happen!

She called my office to book a consultation, drove 50-minutes to come see me with her husband and they signed up on the spot for my $4,500 program! No thinking about it, they insisted that the program is what they wanted to do and they did not want to wait. It is fantastic to have a qualified patient who wants help, and is ready to sign up right from the marketing we are doing.

The calls, emails and patients just keep coming in! I got a call from someone in Palm Beach Gardens, which is very cool because before working with you I never got calls from that area! Another patient from West Palm Beach is getting her food sensitivity lab done and then will return for a 2nd visit. I’m very confident that she will sign up. We’ve had lots of email inquires from the free report you created. I had a patient age 25 come in from Ft. Lauderdale. She said she found me on YouTube and like the other client I told you about, she paid me right on the spot for my help. We are continuing to get calls, emails and inquires directly from the thyroid website too! Thank you so much Jeanna!

Speaking of the thyroid niche website that you created for me, I LOVE IT. I cannot wait to see what you do for my main practice website. AND people are signing up for my free talks and seminars DIRECTLY from the website! That is very powerful and beneficial for me because it saves me quite a bit on my advertising. Sure, we are and will continue to advertise the talks with Facebook and the other methods we are using, but having that additional avenue to get people registered for my talks is a HUGE WIN for me and my practice!

Lastly, Jeanna I want you to know, I am a huge Jeanna Pool fan. What you do for marketing GETS RESULTS! I call you “the online marketing and SEO EXTRAORDINAIRE, go to source.”

I really love that you are so multi-talented in your marketing knowledge and not only do you know SEO and online marketing, but also all of the social media items, the tips you have given me for positioning my practice differently and how to talk to prospective patients about my testing and fees in a way that is nonthreatening and approachable. Also how you know how to get TV and radio interviews with local affiliate channels and the help you are giving me promoting my book is absolutely priceless!

I know that doctors practice different. Some are cash, some are insurance, some have a different focus than I do. I get it, there are lots of ways that people run their practice and their business. But, it really doesn’t matter how a doctor practices or what their set up is, what matters MOST is, the marketing work you do WILL bring in more business NO MATTER what they do or how they do it!

I HIGHLY recommend you and your marketing program to everyone that wants to dominate online and get more patients. I have told everyone I know about you and will continue to do so! If anyone has any questions about working with you, have them give me a call on my cell phone and I am happy to tell them how great you are and how much I recommend you. You are the most professional and thorough marketing person I have ever met and know others will benefit from your services.”

Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC, DACAN, FIACN
Hansbrough Center of Functional Neurology
Stuart, Florida

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